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Our Partners

Taith works as a co-operative with a range of experienced and trusted partners - people who we would stake our reputation on recommending. In this way we can offer a range of cross-discipline services; and help our clients deliver benefits which are much greater than the sum of their parts.  Our partners are:


Phil is a highly experienced transport planning, housing and community development professional, who has led large council departments and third sector organisations through significant change processes. Phil is a trusted and respected senior manager who is now helping councils and third sector organisations with a range of complex technical and organisational challenges.


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Brian Blackwell | AZERTYUIOP

Brian has over 30 years’ experience in both the power and rail industries, making him a hugely attractive proposition for advice on decarbonising transport as well as planning, operation and business cases for any public transport mode. He is well known and respected for work undertaken on heavy rail investment programmes whilst working for Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency.



An ex-Waka Kotahi Manager, Anuradha is both experienced and passionate in everything she does.  There are few people better organised and more reliable for project management, business case and transport planning advice.

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Andrew Dyer is an ex-Stagecoach bus and rail senior manager, whose advice on public transport network planning and operation has yielded significant financial savings and performance improvements for clients. Andrew is hugely personable and able to convey his knowledge in a relaxed and engaging way.

Michael van Drogenbroek | HERIOT-EDIEVALE

Michael is an experienced Transport executive in both private and public sectors, including over 2 years as Executive Director - Public Transport Planning for the state of Victoria, including Melbourne, in Australia. Michael has extensive experience in finance, programme / project development and delivery, financial and transport planning, rail operations, freight transport (road, rail, maritime and air), public transport (heavy rail, light rail / tram, bus and ferry), aviation, strategic and investor/stakeholder relations, logistics and general infrastructure planning.

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